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Due to high demand and many requests, ACES Transition Training is now available anytime, anywhere!

Beginning Fall of 2022, all of ACES Transition Training modules will be available as on-demand asynchronous courses.

Why Transition Training?

While most secondary special education practitioners and administrators recognize the need for more comprehensive and improved professional preparation in transition, the reality is that both newly credentialed teachers and very experienced teachers still lack the training and competency to conduct legal transition assessments, develop compliant and meaningful transition plans, and implement transition services through a collaborative school and community system of supports. 

Preparing educators to be highly qualified and competent transition professionals requires an in-depth training program that covers a wide range of transition competencies and skills. Good programs usually span several days at minimum, and better yet, are delivered through a semester or year-long course with a few colleges even beginning to offer a stand-alone credential in Transition.

However, most professionals who need transition training need it now and they do not have the time or ability to access comprehensive college courses or certification programs that can provide such training. This is where ACES fills the gap. ACES Transition Trainings are presented by certified trainers who actively work on the front-lines of transition and have years of experience, research, and training in the field. Our trainings are providing something that most credentialing programs or transition presentations can't do -- that is, practical information, tools, and strategies that teachers can actually absorb and implement immediately.

Courses Now Available!

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Transition 101

A Quick-Start Guide to IDEA’s Transition Mandate & the Implications for Developing Compliant Transition Plans

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Coming Soon

The following Transition Courses will be launched on or before September 30, 2022

The Transition Rubric: A Case Study

Transition Programming

Transition Services & Instruction

Transition Assessment

Transition Report Writing

The ABCs of ITPs