Case Study Opportunity

Participants who enroll in the ACES Full Access Transition Training program are eligible to participate in an asynchronous case study assignment to demonstrate their learning, get feedback on their work, and earn the ACES Transition Certification. The case study requires the participant to conduct a transition assessment(s), write a transition assessment report, and draft an Individual Transition Plan.

THERE'S MORE! The Teacher's College of San Joaquin (TCSJ) has partnered with ACES to provide recipients of the ACES's Transition Certification with a college credit/unit and a college transcript record of the "Transition Certification." An additional $95 payable to the TCSJ applies if the college credit/unit is desired. Upon successful completion of the Case Study, ACES will email the recipient the Transition Certificate and directions on how to submit the Certificate to TCSJ for the college unit.

WHEN: Asynchronous. Submission due dates for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 certification are provided in the Full Access Training Module.

COST: $75 payable to ACES. (Additional $95 payable to TCSJ if the college credit is desired)

REGISTRATION: Directions for how to enroll in the case study opportunity as well as detailed assignment instructions are provided in the Full Access training module.