Transition Training

For four years, ACES has been providing professional development and training on a wide range of transition topics throughout California. These trainings and presentations are sought after and highly regarded by special education administrators, teachers, parents, attorneys, related service providers, and DOR representatives.

Due to high demand, ACES Transition Trainings will be going to an on-demand virtual platform for the 2022-23 school year! Registrants will be able to watch the pre-recorded sessions any time and any where. There will be ten or more 1 to 1.5 hour sessions covering a wide range of transition topics, including:

-Transition 101: An Overview
-The Legal Mandate: What IDEA & CA Ed Code really say about Transition
-The BIG DEAL about Transition & Why it Should be a Top Priority in Schools across CA.
-Lessons from the Courts and the Implications for Practice
-Transition Research & Predictors of Post-Secondary Success

-The ABCs of Transition Assessment
-Writing the Transition Report
-Writing Legal and Meaningful Post-Secondary Goals
-The Individual Transition Plan: The Dos & Don'ts
-Transition Services & Transition Instruction
-The Collaborative Transition System: Steps for Program Development

-Agency Collaboration for the Provision of Transition Services
-Related Service Providers & the Role they Play in Transition
- and more!

Extended Learning and Transition Certification Option

Participants who watch an established set of sessions and complete session quizzes will be eligible to earn the ACES Transition Certificate.

THERE'S MORE! The Teacher's College of San Joaquin (TCSJ) has partnered with ACES to provide recipients of the ACES's Transition Certification with a college credit/unit and a college transcript record of the "Transition Certification." An additional $75 payable to the TCSJ applies.

Meet Rachel

The training sessions are presented by Rachel De Bruin who is a certified Transition Trainer and a Transition Coordinator for a large network of schools that span 11 California counties. In her current role as Transition Coordinator, Rachel remains on the front lines of Transition. She oversees all aspects of the organization's transition program as well as conducts assessments, writes reports, develops plans, and delivers services. Aside from her current position, Rachel has more than 20 years of experience in special education as a teacher, administrator, curriculum and assessment developer, trainer, and consultant. Rachel’s trainings are grounded in law, research, and best practices but blended with years of personal experience. As a result, attendees will walk away with strategies, solutions, and tools that are both legally defensible and practical for the purposes of developing or improving any or all aspects of transition planning and programming.

What People Are Saying

On behalf of ACES, Rachel has conducted a variety of transition workshops throughout California for educators, college professionals, parents, attorneys, and more. Attendees highly regard Rachel's trainings and recommend them to their colleagues. Here's some of what they are saying:

"I loved this training! Rachel is an expert, and I learned so much in a short time. It was very comprehensive, and I loved the combination of law and practice. I felt like every piece of information included was valuable - there was no wasted time. This was one of the best and most useful training presentations I've attended."

CA Special Education Attorney

"This was one of the best and most beneficial trainings I have ever been to. I like how Rachel relates case law with research and best practices. The way the training was set up made so much sense to me. I can't wait to attend the next two trainings." 

Program Specialist

"This was a fantastic presentation! I learned so much and it will definitely inform the transition plans I create." 

Special Education Teacher for Mod/Severe Class

"Rachel is extremely thorough in covering the aspects of a robust transition plan and integrating it throughout the IEP. Fantastic training! Extremely valuable!" 

High School Resource Specialist

"Rachel is remarkable at what she does, and I would recommend her trainings to anyone who is responsible for developing Transition Services." 

K.H., Program Specialist

"Truly all of Rachel's presentation was incredibly helpful and informative!"  

CA Special Education Attorney

"All of resources and tools that Rachel shared were especially beneficial."

SDC Teacher

"One of the best trainings I have attended in some time. Thank you!"

 M.C., Education Specialist

"Everything was beneficial! I like the progression from law and research to transition planning to transition programming. It was all presented in a very logical order with material both being easy to understand and visually pleasing. I loved the action steps that you gave at the end of each presentation. This has really been the most helpful PD I have taken in my sped career. " 

C.T., RSP/Program Specialist

Thank you again for such wonderful training. Thanks to what I learned at the training we were able to show evidence as to why a student should be able to move to the certificate track instead of the diploma and convince the district. I was able to present the data to two educational lawyers and in the end, took a super contentious litigious IEP and find common ground with a student-centered outcome. Thank you for your help with this situation. 

Special Ed Department Chair


Those who register for any of the ACES Transition Training sessions will gain access to hundreds of transition resources from comprehensive guides, research, curriculum, assessments, and more. 

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